Patrick Kane 1K game celebration recap

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It is fair to say that the Blackhawks have not looked good so far this year. Yes, there are still 77 games to be played, but the team has looked rough.

Last season, Patrick Kane played his 1000th NHL game. They celebrated last night because Kaner wanted the fans to be in the stands for his recognition. Now that the fans are back in the stands, Patty Kane can get the celebration that he deserves. He was able to celebrate with his family at the game in the United Center against Vancouver.

He got to talk a little bit about what the Blackhawks and hockey mean to him in a pregame speech.

The Hawks have yet to win a game yet, and the team doesn’t necessarily look great yet. But we are so early in the year, and there is a lot of time for the team to build more chemistry and get settled in.

It’s just a slump that the team needs to get through. The team does have a tough schedule in coming games.

The Cannucks game was supposed to be the game for the Blackhawks to win, but dropping that makes me nervous going forwards.

In the first few games, the Hawks looked pathetic defensively, but have looked to repair the defensive play the last game or two. It is really good to see Toews back on the ice healthy.

The Blackhawks have a lot of work to do. Fortunately, there is a long season left, and there is plenty of time for the Hawks to patch up and start performing as expected.

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