MNF Recap

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Besides week 1, Buffalo has looked unbeatable so far this season, playing great all-around football.

In a game that went back and forth all night, Derrick Henry put up 3 rushing touchdowns to carry the Titans to a 34-31 victory over Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills.

The storyline of this game is going to be the McDermott decision to go for it at the end, rather than going for a field goal that would tie the game and most likely result in overtime. I like the call. Football is a game of chess, and McDermott trusts in and believes in his players. He had guts, and as a football fan, you have to respect the move.

Josh Allen was then stopped before getting the first down and the Titans would take the game and improve to 4-2 on the year. The Bills take their second loss of the season and are 4-2 on the year.

Buffalo has a BYE next week and will take on Mahomes and the Kansas City Cheifs in Nashville.

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