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It’s official! Marcus Stroman is going to be playing baseball in the Northside of Chicago this year and I am so excited.

I am very interested to see what the payroll and the rest of this offseason will look like, but this is awesome. Hats off to the front office on this one. This is big news, and Cubs fans should be very happy about this signing.

I am interested to see who will be the opening day starter if it’s Stroman or Hendricks, but we have a while for that, and I’m excited that Marcus Stroman is going to the Cubs.

He’s 30 years old. The guy is awesome, and he has been very consistent throughout his career.

This is a good guy that could attract other free agents to come to Chicago and join a team that wants to be competitive. The guy has swagger to him that can benefit any team. We have seen it with Tatis or with Tim Anderson how they bring a different energy to a clubhouse, and I think Marcus Stroman will bring that to the Cubs.

I know he wanted Robbie Ray type money, but there is no way he will get that. I am interested to see what the money numbers look like for his contract. I think he will get around a 3-5 year deal so I am interested to see where they land with the money.

I will love him with Willson Contreras and I think that they will be a good duo. Stroman will consistently give us 5 innings and a few deep inning runs. Adding him to the Wade Miley and Kyle Hendricks rotation is going to be fun. Could this be the new ace?

I am really excited for Marcus Stroman to be a Cub, and I hope that we can see s few more pieces get picked up for the Cubs. Hats off to Jed Hoyer and Carter Hawkins on going out and getting starting pitching.

Stroman has an “F You” style of play, and he is going to give a very good piece to this ball club. Lets keep it going front office!

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