Javy Baez and Mets could agree on a deal early this offseason

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We saw Javy Baez become not the most liked player for the Mets early after the deadline after the whole thumbs-down dilemma.

While Javy to me is still one of the best all-around playmakers in the league, his price isn’t up there with Carlos Correa’s tag would be for a shortstop.

Obviously, Javy has been known to be a swing and miss hitter lately, but the value he brings to a team is solid. I think the question that teams have to ask is “Is Baez worth all the strikeouts?”

His stats at the plate weren’t all that bad this past season. He hit 31 homers and drove in 87 runs on the year. His average was at .265, which is right above where he is sitting for his career.

If the Mets and Baez don’t make a deal, there will be plenty of other opportunities for the Puerto Rican to land on a different squad. Crosstown rival New York Yankees were supposed ‘very interested’ in Baez during the trade deadline. The Cubs have Nico Hoerner and Nick Madrigal to take over the middle infield, but I don’t think that’s who Jed and David Ross are gonna want to rely on every night, and I think the Cubs will be in the market for a shortstop this offseason.

Javier Baez has proven himself time and time again to be a superstar in the league. Some of the craziest highlight-reel plays the last few years were made by “El Mago” himself, and he will definitely be a contributor to any club he’s on.


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