Javier Baez signs with Tigers for a 6 year deal worth $145 Million

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Welp, the Cubs have yet to sign do something so far.

It’s not like I expected Javy to come back to Chicago, but for a team that promised to be aggressive this offseason, they should have picked up someone yesterday. I really think they tried to get Seager, the money just talked in Texas. But, there is still a lot of time left for this team to sign some big names, that is if they don’t all get picked up first.

But Javier Baez is off to the Detroit Tigers for a 6-year deal worth $145 million and I absolutely LOVE IT. I love this for Javy. This is a team where he will fit right in. It is a young team that really could be competitive with the White Sox for the AL Central this upcoming year. He is going to be the superstar of this young Detroit team. That is what Baez is, he’s an absolute superstar. People look at his strikeouts and try to say he is garbage or overrated, but look at everything else he does. He hits for power, he is a magician in the infield, he’s an all-around superstar. He’s cocky, and he can really give this young Tigers team an identity this season.

I will say I am really surprised that Detroit didn’t bounce on Correa, but you would be paying double for Carlos rather than Javy.

The Tigers are getting a superstar in Baez at SS. He’s not even 30 yet, and he still has a lot to prove in this league. I love Javier Baez to the Tigers, and I am excited to watch him play.


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