Houston vs. Carolina game recap and takeaways

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Davis Mills made has made his first start in the loss against the Carolina Panthers on Thursday Night Football. He did not get the results he wanted, losing 24-9 against what looks like a good Carolina team.

Davis didn’t play that bad, he just didn’t have much help around him for him to have an opportunity to truly shine tonight. He was put in a tough situation against a tough opponent, and he is going to have to take it one game at a time. The rookie threw for 168 yards and a touchdown in tonight’s game in Houston.

Here are some thoughts after tonight’s game.

The Texans defense is really bad 

The defense in tonight’s game was just awful. The Panthers put up 407 total yards on the offensive side of the ball. They drove it down the field. They just need help. They were not able to stop Sam Darnold and that Panthers defense at all in tonight’s game.

The Panthers defense is really good

Carolina’s defense, with the help of Sam Darnold, carried this team tonight. The Texans were only able to put up 193 total yards tonight. The run game is almost non-existent, only picking up 42 yards tonight. The longest run of the game for Houston was a 7-yard run. I know the Panthers played a rookie QB and a not-so-hot offense, but the Panther’s defense was all over Davis Mills and the Texans tonight.

Sam Darnold is playing well

Darnold threw for 304 yards and ran for two touchdowns in tonight’s game vs. Houston. Sam Darnold has now had two consecutive 300+ yard games now, and he looks like he has been thriving under this Joe Brady offense. DJ Moore was Darnold’s favorite target, catching 8 balls for 126 receiving yards against the Texans.

Brandin Cooks is a solid wideout 

Brandin Cooks has been Tyrod’s and now Davis Mills’s favorite target this year. 2 out of 3 games this year he has had over 100 yards receiving, and tonight was no different. Cooks is coming off the loss of Will Fuller and Deandre Hopkins, and he is trying to prove that he can play like those guys.

Final thoughts

It stinks to see Christina McCaffery go down with an injury yet again this year. The Panthers are off to a 3-0 start, the first time since going 14-0 and going to the SuperBowl in 2015. The Texans are going to be okay. Davis Mills just needs to get comfortable, and he will be fine until Tyrod is ready to come back. Sam Darnold is playing good football, and the Panther’s defense is playing at an unreal level, making it tough for teams to get past them.



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