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The Blackhawks are so back.

We put the month of October behind us and got over the losing streak. The Hawks are undefeated in November. They looked great. It was a game they really needed to win.

People have given up on this team way too early. There is so much hockey to be played, and this was an incredible step in the right direction for this team with everything going on in this organization right now. Toews moved the puck around great tonight. Fleury looked great tonight in the goal with 29 saves. Good game from Seth Jones as well.

It was good to have Kane back in the lineup tonight and he played great. An awesome hat-trick from Patty and it was a great way to come back from the COVID-19 protocol. He is so good at hockey.

Ottawa is not a great team, and the Blackhawks made them look like that tonight. With everything about this team right now, a game like that feels so good.

This was a big game that the Blackhawks needed to start the month off right and get into a positive rhythm.

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