Bears @ Buccaneers: Week 7 Preview

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The last time the Bears played Tom Brady and the Bucs, Brady forgot what down it was on the final play of the game, losing to the Bears 20-19.
It really showed that Tom Brady is still human, which is refreshing to see sometimes.
Brady is going to show up to play today. He is gonna use that loss from last year to try to get his revenge on this Bears team.


Justin Fields

Bears confused by no offsides on Justin Fields interception | RSN

Fields has not established himself as a dominant starting QB by any means, but he has played well when he has needed to. They haven’t asked a ton from him yet. They have ran the ball a lot and then have relied on him to make some good throws in the air. He really is looking like a promising young QB though. He has relied heavily on Darnell Mooney and Allen Robinson Jr as his main targets, and even looks for tight end Cole Kmet when needed. If Justin Fields can do what he is asked to and can help generate big plays in the air, the Bears can give Tampas defense some trouble in the passing game.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady on Patriots: 'I want to kick their butt' | Reuters

He’s 44 years old, and is still playing as one of the best quarterbacks in the league, even playing some of the best he has in his whole career. He really is superhuman, and sometimes you have to wonder when it will end. He is leading the NFL in passing yards so far this year with 2,064 yards through the air. He knows how to lead an offense well, and is always good at generating big plays downfield. He will have to worry about the Bears pass rush getting to him if he wants to succeed consistently in this game.


The Bears defense I think can really give the Bucs a tough time today. The Buccaneers offense has so many weapons that Tom can choose from. No Antonio Brown or Rob Gronkowski limits them with options for Tom to choose from, but he still has Godwin and Evans to choose from, along with the rest of their offensive attack. The Bucs defense has played awesome against the run so far, but has somewhat struggled with the secondary and the passing defense. Justin Fields might have to really step up and be a playmaker in the air against the Bucs today. If he can do that and make big-time plays through the air, the Bears will be in this game with Tampa.
Obviously, on paper, the Bucs are the clear favorite to win this game. But I genuinely think it could be hard for them to take down this Bears team. I really think it relies on how the Bears defense plays against Brady and how Fields can play. Tom Brady is looking to get his revenge on this Bears team, and if the Bears can slow him down, it could be a long afternoon in Tampa.

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