A drive into deep left field and Nick Castellanos is a Philly

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After the Phillies went out and got Kyle Schwarber in free agency, they have made a deal with the big bat of Nick Castellanos.

His deal was a 5-year $100 million contract. To me, the Phillies spent entirely too much on Castellanos, but they may have been desperate in the outfield.

Going into the offseason, Castellanos was one of the highest-rated free agents for this year, and we knew that we would be attractive to many teams looking for an outfielder with a giant bat.

Coming off his first All-star season, Castellanos had an incredible year. He hit for 34 HR, 100 RBI, with a .309 average on the year. In 2021, Castellanos won a silver slugger award for his success at the plate.

In the field is where Nick seems to not be as great at compared to being a big-time major league hitter.

He’s been pretty consistent throughout his career, where he has played for the Tigers, Cubs, Reds, and now the Philadelphia Phillies.

Nick Castellanos is joining a team with some serious sluggers. You have Schwarber, Harper, Reaulmuto, Hoskins, and even Segura who has shown some pop. I imagine this moves Schwarber to the DH and puts Castellanos to play LF this year for the Phils. This lineup 1-5 is terrifying to say the least.

The defense isn’t going to be the greatest, especially in the infield. Wheeler and Nola are going to be great this year, but really this infield and some of the defensive issues could be a thing for the Phillies to worry about.

The NL East is looking to be a scary division this year, and the battle for the division can go all the way to October.


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